Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cub Scout Pack 770 Camping List

This list is intended as a guide and is not all encompassing. The items on this list are mainly for the summer season and include items that must have proper adult supervision.

Ground Tarp (To place under your tent.)
Water Bottle/Canteen(s) **Additional water may be needed depending on your camping site!**
Flashlight - With extra set of batteries.
Bug Spray
Map and Compass
Rain Gear
Pocket Knife **The scout must have their whittling Chip or proper adult supervision.**
Matches or fire starting kit **Scouts must have had proper instruction on fire safety or must have adult supervision.**
First Aid Kit
Sleeping Bag/Pillow
Cookware - pots,pans,spatulas etc.
Mess Kit or some sort of re-usable lightweight plate and eating utensils.
Dish Soap
Food - The amount depends on how many days you will be camping and how well you want to eat. (If you are bringing canned food you will need a can opener.)
Trash Bags/Small Baggies
Toiletries - TP, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc.
Nylon Rope
Any Prescription Medication **Parents or guardians to monitor.**

Hiking Boots
Old pair of tennis shoes
Scout pants are recommended since they have the ability to be turned into shorts and back to long pants. These cut down on the amount of items you need to take into the field. If unavailable bring jean or khaki shorts and at least one pair of pants. 
Several pairs of clean socks. (When out in the field socks should be changed at least 3
times a day to keep your feet dry and blister free.)
Several clean T-shirts
Several clean pairs of underwear.
Towel and Wash Rag. (If showers are not available you may want to wipe yourself down with a wash rag.)
Hat and Gloves (Depending on the time of year and the expected temperature. Gloves also come in handy for carrying firewood.)
Poncho (Check the weather before you go and plan accordingly.)

Nice to have but not essential:
Folding chairs
Air mattress for under your sleeping bag.
Food Cooler
Thermal Jug Water Cooler
Hot Dog/Marshmallow Sticks
A Cot
Instant Screen Room
Battery Powered Fan
Battery Operated Lantern
Baby Wipes & Hand Sanitizer (For cleaning yourself if there are no showers.)
Rubber Mallet (For hammering in tent stakes.)

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