Sunday, February 6, 2011

BLUE & GOLD 2011

This message contains information about our upcoming Blue & Gold Banquet - Please read the message in it's entirety, as there is a bit of action required for everyone... (thank you for your attention!)

Cub Scout Pack 770 presents:
Blue & Gold Banquet, 2011
"The" Annual Celebration of Cub Scouting
February 26th, 11a-2p

To participate this year, your boys will need:
  • A joke, skit, "run-on" or cheer.
  • "Class A" Uniforms (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  • A potluck Side Dish
  • $1 (or more)
  • to come a bit early, or stay a bit late
Keep reading for more details...
As you know, the dens have been rotating clean-up duties this year, but the Blue & Gold Banquet may require just a bit more work than some of our other events.  So, we have decided to divide and conquer as follows:
  • Tiger families: Clean-up
  • Wolf families: Set-up & Decorate
  • Bear families: Set-up & Decorate
  • Webelo Scouts: Opening & Closing Flag Ceremonies
(Note: if your family has kids in more than one den, please just plan to help with one task or the other).

Set-up is from 10:30-11:00.  Tear-down is from roughly 2:00-3:00.

Each family should bring a potluck side dish: The main dish, dessert, and hardware will be provided by the pack.

CALLING ALL DENS: Please devote a little time from each of the next few den meetings to prepare some entertainment for the Blue & Gold Banquet.  Let's aim for 100% participation!  The entertainment you provide could include...
  • A Skit
  • A puppet show
  • A song
  • "Den Yells" or "stunts"
  • Jokes & "Run-ons"
DEN LEADERS: Keep it simple, but make it fun - It's up to you to help your boys get prepared!  You could choose to just have each boy tell a quick joke, have everyone participate together in a single skit, or do a more formal opening or closing presentation with a scouting theme.  Either way, let's get the kids involved, and have some fun!  Please plan for about 2-5 minutes total for your den, and let me know soon what you plan to do so we can plan our final agenda accordingly.

NEED IDEAS?  Check out the cub scout leader books, try this link, or just ask for help (your fellow parents/leaders will be happy to help!)

We plan to run a slide show while we eat, and we'd like to include your favorite pictures!  You can send me your pictures any way you like, but one easy way is to follow the link below, then click the "Add Photos" button to upload your pictures:
(PS: Please ask for help if you have any trouble with this... Are you a member of our google group?  If not, please join now... again, please just call Ryan at 203-9405 and I'll help you!)

Our event will include a brief presentation on behalf of "The Friends of Scouting" program, which is a primary funding source for our regional scouting council.  The Simon Kenton Council needs our support!  See the attached letter for more info, but the bottom line is that we want to demonstrate 100% participation, and even the most modest of donations will be appreciated.  So, please bring at least one dollar, or your checkbook.  (Thank you!)

A portion of our ceremonies will be devoted to advancements - LEADERS: please communicate with Guy to ensure he has the correct advancements prepared for your boys.

This year's event will be held in "Building X", at the Xenos Christian Fellowship (1349 Community Park Dr., 43229).

It's easy to find - From 270, take Cleveland Ave. South, then turn right at the first light (Community Park Dr., beside the Home Depot).  Continue about 1/4 mile, and then past the main entrance.  Building X is a little further up on the right; you'll see the sign in front.



Without further ado, here is the tentative agenda for our afternoon:

10:00- Open building & begin set-up (Wolves & Bears)
11:00-Arrival & Gathering Activities
11:30 (SHARP!) -Cubmaster's Opening Remarks & Opening Ceremonies
~12:30- Friends of Scouting, Advancements & Awards (Commencing with Arrow of Light)
1:00- Entertainment
2:00- Closing Ceremonies & Dismissal
-Clean-Up- (Tigers)
3:00 Lights out

Thanks everyone- hope to see you soon!