Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey gang, we are trying to gather lots of pictures into one place for a variety of uses... for example:
  • Generally, to share with other families in our pack
  • To help our leaders prepare displays for Pack Events (Most urgently, Scout Night!)
  • Possibly to display as a "slideshow" in the future here on our website
     There are many fancy ways to share pictures nowadays, but here are 2 relatively simple and easy ways we might be able to get it done:
    1. Follow this link and try uploading pics to a collaborative "Picasa Web Album". (PS: you may need to email me to request permission.)
    2. Just email any pics you would like to share to: ryan.grissinger@gmail.com.  I 'll be happy to take care of the rest. 
    Thank you for your help!

    *A note about privacy:  Individual's names should never be posted online or in the web albums.  Furthermore, it is possible to restrict access of the photo album by invitation-only, through the use of a secure hyperlink, or through other security means.  What do you think?
    Please also note that official BSA policy does permit the pack to use photos for the types of things we're talking about here - HOWEVER, we are also of course ever-mindful of the wishes of our families.  If you have any concerns about this topic, please tell a leader and your wishes will absolutely be respected.

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